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Fall Line is here!

Posted by OMO CAT on

I really wanted to try making more black and white clothing this time around. It was a pretty drastic change from all the color, but I've been enjoying this aesthetic a lot more recently! I hope you all like it as well. Make sure to look out for the MOONGIRL t-shirt and tote coming later in the fall!!

Since I will be working on my video game, OMORI, for the duration of the year, I may not have time to release a WINTER line. However, since holiday season is coming around, I will be sure to restock my clothing in time for holiday gifts!!

Stay tuned, everyone!

\(・∀・ )/

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  • OMOCAT, will your MoonGirl T be ready for the upcoming holidays? It’s probably the best shirt ever created…ever, obviously. (but seriously).

    Dylan on

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