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OMOCAT Giveaway Winners!

Posted by OMO CAT on

For those who follow OMOCAT on social media, you will know that OMOCAT held four giveaways this passed month on Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and Instagram (because we forgot to do it during the holidays). We are proud to announce the winners for the giveaway!

(/^▽^)/ !! Congratulations !!  \(^▽^\)


Facebook Winner: lani who chose a MOONGIRL Sweater!

Twitter Winner: rymallon who chose a  FUDANSHI Sweater!

Tumblr Winner: v-fuyukaidesu who chose a FUJOSHI Sweater!

Instagram: reitracul who chose a SUDDEN RAIN Hoodie!

Great choices!

Anyway, be sure to follow OMOCAT on social media to receive notice of future giveaways. Thank you for entering, everyone!


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  • Congrats you guys!
    cries in a corner

    Fer Peralta on

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