April 2014 Is a Big Month!

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 April will be very hectic month!

The SPINSS "UPDT" store opening in Japan, and will feature OMOCAT Apparel!

OMOCAT's Kickstarter for her original RPGMaker game OMORI will finally launch! OMORI is a game about a boy who lives in WHITE SPACE; he is a rather unpleasant but relatable boy that will find himself caught up in situations beyond his control. The prizes feature OMORI Apparel, so if you've been waiting for that, here it is! I will reveal the designs as the date draws closer.

For the shop, there will be a few new items. OMOCAT is in the process of creating an artbook containing collected works from 2011 - April 2014. This book will be approximately 80 pages, and contain both OMOCAT's original work and fanwork.

OMOCAT is also in the process of creating an Apparel Catalog which you may buy inexpensively, or will be shipped out free with bigger orders! OMOCAT logo stickers are also on the way and will be shipped out with most orders!

And... on top of all that, OMOCAT will finally graduate college with a degree in Illustration Design! Whoopee!!!! (*✪‿✪*)

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  • You’re an inspiration to everyone. Congratulations on pulling though. ♥

    aika on

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