OMOCAT in Harajuku and San Francisco!

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I am happy to announce that OMOCAT is now available in at two locations!

The first, PARK is a new store that opened in May this year, and is themed after Harajuku Fashion x Akihibara culture, located in Harajuku, Japan! Check out this video by Tokyo Fashion, featuring Elleanor. The OMOCAT feature starts at 1:06! PARK carries OMOCAT Apparel lines from Summer 2013 - Spring 2014.

OMOCAT Apparel is also available in MARUQ- on the first floor of the New People building in Japan Town, San Francisco. MARUQ hosted an OMOCAT Pop-Up Shop during JPOP Summit and OMOCAT Apparel was given the honor of having a permanent place in the store. MARUQ carries all of OMOCAT Apparel from Summer 2013 - Summer 2014, so if you're ever in the area, please drop by! 

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