OMOCAT is a U.S.-based indie art studio, owned and run by the artist OMOCAT.

Although OMOCAT was initially a solo project, the studio is now made up of about 10 hardworking homebodies, who do everything from designing and packaging to operations and management. Whatever the project is— whether it’s illustration, graphic design, apparel and product design, photography, animation, or video game— we want to create good work that we feel passionate about and can be proud to share with the world. 

(Last updated on 11.26.21)
OMORI merchandise and Kickstarter backer rewards (OMORI Walkthrough/Art Book, Asian Localization, Console Ports)
- HOLO x OMO (hololive English x OMOCAT)
- Some secret stuff... 

(Last updated on 11.26.21)

2011 - OMOCAT starts an art blog

2012 - OMOCAT Shop opens

2013 - PRETTY BOY (short comic)

2015 - Tamagotchi and Pokémon (apparel)

2016 - first FALL artist collaboration (apparel)

2017 - Hatsune Miku, Porter Robinson, and PARK Harajuku (apparel)

2018 - Miku Expo 2018 and Doki Doki Literature Club (apparel)

2019 - Yokai Watch™ (apparel)

2020 - Miku Expo 2020 (apparel)

2020 - OMORI (video game)

2021 - Doki Doki Literature Club Plus! and hololive English (merchandise)

20XX - OMOCAT goes to the moon