OMOCAT is an artist-owned creative company that specializes in original apparel and merchandise.

Initially a solo project, OMOCAT is now made up of a small, hardworking team of homebodies based in the U.S. We do our best to make quality merchandise with love and integrity, and we hope to help people make friends and inspire others to follow their dreams.

(Last updated on 1.29.21)
OMORI merchandise and Kickstarter backer rewards
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(Last updated on 6.22.21)

2010 - OMOCAT starts a blog
2012 - OMOCAT opens an online storefront
2013 - OMOCAT starts making clothing
2013 - OMOCAT releases PRETTY BOY
2013 - OMOCAT clothing begins retailing in U.S. & Japan
2014 - OMOCAT becomes an official company
2014 - OMORI production begins
2015 - OMOCAT collaborates with Tamagotchi and Pokémon
2016 - OMOCAT releases first FALL artist collaboration collection
2017 - OMOCAT collaborates with Hatsune Miku, Porter Robinson, and PARK Harajuku
2018 - OMOCAT collaborates with Miku Expo 2018 and Doki Doki Literature Club
2019 - OMOCAT collaborates with Yokai Watch™ and Honey & Butter
2020 - OMOCAT collaborates with Miku Expo 2020
2020 - OMOCAT releases OMORI
20XX - OMOCAT goes to the moon