OMORI: The Official Walkthrough & Artbook

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Welcome to White Space. The path ahead is long and fraught with uncertainty, but don’t fret. You are in good hands. This comprehensive guide to OMORI contains everything you need to know about the extraordinary realm of HEADSPACE, the dormant past of FARAWAY TOWN, and the adventures in-between. Every fight, fantasy, terror, heartache, and revelation is inscribed within these pages for your convenience. Remember: No matter what the ending, it’s all about the friendships you make along the way. Let's make some memories together, okay?

"OMORI: The Official Walkthrough & Artbook" is a set of two softcover books enclosed in a frosted slipcase, designed and compiled by OMOCAT, LLC. and friends. The walkthrough and strategy guide is 264 pages and contains over 100 new illustrations created just for the book. The artbook is 92 pages and contains a special interview of OMORI’s artists. Together, there are over 350 pages of colorful content!

Walkthrough Credits:

Design & Layout: Genie Ink, OMOCAT, Rochelle Concepcion | Additional Design: Minced (Charlene Lu), Ems (Emily Shaw) | Illustration: Minced (Charlene Lu) | Writing: Susie Chong | Editors: Ocean's Dream (Cesar Rendon), Kaiami (Kaia Tseng), Aivi (Nils), Sleepykuya (Andrew Vance)

Artbook Credits:

Compiled and Designed By: Mola (Stephanie Cheng), OMOCAT | Editors: Minced (Charlene Lu), Ems (Emily Shaw) | Interview Conductor: Mola (Stephanie Cheng)

OMORI Artists & Art Assistants:

OMOCAT, Minced (Charlene Lu), Ems (Emily Shaw), Kim Vance, Rochelle Concepcion